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SEESII 6 Inch Brushless Chainsaw Cordless Mini Electric Saw with Battery 1500W Handheld Pruning Saw Garden Wood Cutting Tool

SEESII 6 Inch Brushless Chainsaw Cordless Mini Electric Saw with Battery 1500W Handheld Pruning Saw Garden Wood Cutting Tool

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Brushless 6-inch electric chain saw disassembly and installation video

Mini Chainsaw with Battery 2 x 4000 mAh, Seesii Cordless Chainsaw 6 Inch with Automatic Oiler, Brushless One-Hand Chainsaw, Tool-Free Chain Tension, Hand Chainsaw for Garden Shears

--Efficient cutting: the Seesii chainsaw uses an ultra-high hardness guide chain that has been deeply reinforced to cut smoothly. The motor has been upgraded and the performance improved by 30% compared to a conventional mini chainsaw. With strong performance and unique sprocket design, it only takes about 5 seconds to cut a stem with a diameter of 6 inches. The work efficiency is 10 times higher than conventional hand tools.

--Large capacity battery: we know that the battery life of the battery chainsaw is your most important concern. Our rechargeable electric chainsaw is equipped with 2 x 4000 mAh batteries and a quick charger. After 2 batteries are fully charged, more than pieces of wood can be sawn. Ideal for cutting branches and cutting trees outdoors. When the other battery is empty, you can always replace the spare battery.

--Brushless 800-watt motor and automatic lubrication: the highly efficient brushless motor maximizes the runtime and motor life of our mini chainsaw with battery. In addition, the built-in control circuit has an overload protection function that automatically switches off the motor when overheated. It also comes with an automatic oil-filling system. Reduction of frictional resistance on the drive chain when using a brushless chainsaw for smooth cuts.

--Tool-free chain tension and safety with multiple protection: both tensioning and changing the chain can be done without special tools. Our electric chainsaw has a safety guard to prevent wood splashes, and a safety lock button to prevent accidental start. Comes with safety glasses to protect the glasses from wood chips. You need to press the lock button and the switch button at the same time to start the chainsaw.

--Easy to control and wide range of applications: the body + two batteries weighs only 3.2 kg. One hand can easily hold the device to complete the work. You won't feel tired after long working hours. Even women and elderly people can be well controlled and used. Cordless chainsaws are very suitable for pruning gardens, branches, and wood and are often used in gardens, farms, pastures, etc.

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