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Scalp Meridian Massage Brush

Scalp Meridian Massage Brush

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Introducing the Scalp Meridian Massage Brush – specifically designed to help you relax and unwind. This revolutionary product makes it easy to massage your scalp while sitting back and letting the brush take care of everything else. Its efficient design offers a multifunctional approach – equipped with handheld silicone bristles to lift away dirt, dust, and dead skin cells – perfect for conducting scalp massage treatments! And thanks to its ergonomic handle, applying consistent pressure during massages is made easy. The 1Pc Multifunctional Shampoo Brush is also a must-have for those who shower regularly. Its compact size allows you to gently scrub your scalp after washing your hair, ensuring that no dirt is left behind and that your natural oils are maintained. Furthermore, this mini head meridian massage comb can use its rounded surface to promote better blood circulation around the crown area for greater relaxation. With the Scalp Meridian Massage Brush, you’ll be able to give yourself professional massages in the comfort of your own home!



Material: ABS
Product Size: 9*6*6cm / 3.5*2.4*2.4in
Product Weight: 69g
Color: Ocean Blue, Pink, Ivory White, Green
Use: Bath Brush/Massage Brush

Package Includes:
1 X Scalp Meridian Massage Brush

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