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Rechargeable Bladeless Neck Fan

Rechargeable Bladeless Neck Fan

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Ditch the sweaty, sticky feeling this summer with a rechargeable bladeless neck fan! This ideal portable neck fan has a leafless design and comes in 4 speeds, making it perfect for hot days spent outdoors. The hanging neck fan is also rechargeable, so you can keep it handy for on-the-go use. Plus, the neck brace design makes it insanely comfortable to wear - no more annoying neck straps!



About This Item:
The product has two versions: FA35&FA35Pro
Product name: Leafless neck fan
Product name:FA35 Pro-322g,FA35-283g
Electric core: Polymer Lithium lon
Battery capacity:4000mAh、4500mAh
Working time(Standard:4500mAh):
About 3.5-20 hours
Depends on different gears/use scenarios
Working time(Upgrade:4000mAh):
About 2.5-19 hours
Fan speed:3.5m/s Max
Product size:200 * 55 * 208 mm

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