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MOC-35846 Black Interceptor Car

MOC-35846 Black Interceptor Car

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Discover the power of the MOC-35846 Black Interceptor Car. This impressive super car combines cutting-edge V8 Interceptor technology with an ultra-durable building block construction to provide an experience that perfectly bridges imagination and engineering for hours of fun. Featuring a variety of electronic printing parts and details, this Pursuit Special model is an ideal gift for birthdays or holiday celebrations. You will enjoy the detailed assembly process and can feel proud of displaying your beautiful creation when it's finished building. Due to its precision design, every piece fits together perfectly to ensure structural integrity and dynamic performance. The best part? Our packages don’t contain any stickers -- they are all electronically printed! Plus, each package comes with a free e-manual that is accessible upon ordering. Quality checked before shipping, you don’t have to worry about missing pieces; just reach out to us if you need help and we’ll be happy to assist you! Create something unique with the MOC-35846 Black Interceptor Car today!



Product Name :MOC-35846 Black Interceptor/V8 Interceptor
Category: MOC CAR Series
Pieces: 1510pcs+motor

PDF Instruction Manual:
These parts are extra and not included in the part list:
String, Net 8 x 16 Rectangle (Item no: bb0068),
String, Net 10 x 10 Square (Item no: 71155),
Cloth Sail Tattered Long with 4 Round Holes and 6 Ripped Holes (Item no: 32652),
Cloth Sail Tattered Short with 2 Round Holes and 5 Ripped Holes (item no: 32653),
Rubber Band Medium (Square Cross Section) Thin Cut (Item no: x137)

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